Sunday, November 2, 2008

AC/DC video bootlegs

Hey y'all, especially the AC/DC fans, check out what I have been working on, and that is why I have not updated this blog in a while. There are the best videos taken from the first AC/DC shows on this world tour. Visit the site often, as I will be adding future shows as they become available.

Later, Tim

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Video From September 11, 2001 In New York City

This is from Harold, a friend of Christine's, who lives in NYC. This is an excellent video. He also owns Boulevard Tavern in Brooklyn. Christine lived in NYC at the time also.

I watched everything on TV that day, as I had the day off from work. I went to a local bar that night, only because I needed to be around people, and the place was quiet, even though there were plenty of other people there. This place is normally hopping. Everyone was still in shock and disbelief over what happened.

This is an excellent video, and I would like to thank Harold for sharing it with us.

Shot on the night of 9/11, This is what went on Ave. A in the East Village of NYC as people were coming to grips with what just happened.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Finally got a job

Yep, FINALLY, things are starting to pick up. I just have to pass the licensing course and I will be on my way to making 6 figures yearly.


Rock n' Roll Train, the New AC/DC Single

Finally, the first new AC/DC material in 8 years. I did expect it to be a little harder, but I still love it. Brian's voice is great, and overall it is just a great AC/DC song.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Baseball Gods Have Spoken

For all of you baseball fans, read this story, if you have not yet done so.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Take A Listen To Rock Band 'Hail Mary'

Hey y'all,

I was just chatting with a buddy of mine on yahoo messenger out in California, another huge AC/DC fan. He sings for a band named 'Hail Mary'. They are a hard rock band that has an original sound. You can hear the different influences in the music, but the sound is unique. At the same time, it is straight ahead rock n' roll, which is what I love, and I what I think the music business needs, instead of the garbage that has been released as "rock music" for the last 10 years, with the exception of 'Stiff Upper Lip' and the soon to be released 'Black Ice'. The lyrics are a little different, but in a good way. I have a feeling this band is going to be big.

Go to the bands Myspace page and listen to 'As Random Events Occur'. Now I'll warn you, it is not a studio quality recording, but is still good enough so you can get a feel for the band. They will have more original material uploaded within the next week. And soon, I will be working on a website for the band when they have videos.

And while you are at it, visit my Myspace page.

Later, Tim

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Rays lost a bad one today

All I have to say, Riggans should have held on to the ball at the play at the plate. If he would have, then there would not have been that BOGUS call on the rundown that led to the Rays losing.

But they took 2 of 3, though it should have been a sweep.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Why People Have Virus Infected Machines Is Beyond Me

Note: I posted this on one of my other blogs, and I'm posting this here also.

Hey y'all, this post is a little off topic from what this blog is about, but It is something that I need to post about. And I think internet marketing beginners can benefit from this information.

First off, I was reading the local fish wrap, the St. Petersburg Times. I only read this rag because my brother buys it everyday. So I'm reading it today, and there is an article in there about about how people are lining up to use one of St. Pete's 239 computers free, an hour at a time, at the libraries. In the article, they mention 2 young people who do have personal computers at home, but "viruses forced their computers into disrepair". And I would say at least 10% of those systems are infected

I cannot, for the life of me, understand why so many people have infected computers, be it a virus, spyware, malware, Trojans, or any other bad stuff. It does not take long to find out to properly secure your computer, and then to implement the steps. It is not that damn hard, and I think there is no excuse for having an infected computer. I have worked on computers that had so much bad stuff on them, the computer would take forever to boot, and when it did boot, well, it was not pretty.

And for the record, I have been known to troll "bad" websites on occasion.

I only use a few things to keep my computer secure. I use XP. First, I am behind 2 firewalls, my wireless router and I use Sygate personal firewall. Nothing gets in, and I control what programs connect to the internet. And there is no one getting through to my connection, I have that locked down tight also, just by following simple instructions.

Second, and this has been getting a bad rap lately, I use Spybot Search and Destroy. I don't understand why it gets this bad rap. I scan whenever there is a new update released, and nothing is ever found. I also used a couple of other programs, but since dropped them, because I would get the same results, nothing, after scanning with Spybot. Another great, free program to use is SpywareBlaster, and it works for IE6/7 and Firefox, but I only use it to protect the IE-based browser I use.

Third, I only use Firefox and Seamonkey as my browsers. I do have Maxthon installed for the very rare occasions I need to use a IE-based browser.

Fourth, and most importantly, I use Avira Personal edition as my AV. I use the free version, though they have a paid version. There are other great free AV programs out there, but I like Avira the best. It is simple to setup to scan and update everyday, and uses very little resources, plus it has a guard that informs you when anything tries to get in. And it also checks for rootkits. All I do is check my reports everyday. The thing with AV programs, people think once it is installed, that is it, they don't scan and they don't update the program. Just like you have to keep putting gas in your car so it will run, you have to update your security programs to help keep your computer safe. I also use Vipre and CounterSpy, mainly because I'm a beta tester, and those programs work great. If you don't want to use free programs, they are what I recommend.

So there you have it. These are the programs I use, and I have had no infections on this computer for 5 years, except tracking cookies, and Spybot catches them. There is absolutely no reason at all to have an infected computer, or a computer down because of a virus or anything else. And I don't care how old you are, it just takes a short amount of time to educate yourself about basic computer security.

Oh yea, I know 1 library where you can use the computers all day for free, but I'm not telling where it is, sometimes I go there to get out of the house, and they have way faster upload than I do.


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